EQworks UK Trademarked brand logo

EQworks.co.uk logo TM

EQworks.co.uk Trademarked brand logo

Logo thieves Geoffrey Rotstein & David Katz of EQworks.com Canada

shamefully took EQworks UK’s logo branding

How can (supposed) digital media branding customer specialists EQworks.com just take another company’s logos?  Is this what they mean by digital acquisition? They didn’t create their logos. They stole them from EQworks.co.uk. Being a large public company doesn’t give them the right to bully and steal from a smaller company and literally laugh as they do this.


Eqworks.com launched their (not) brand in June ’13. Here’s the detailed guide to logo theft.

Left Logo:  The original EQworks.co.uk logo with the blue lower case ‘e’ inside larger upper case ‘Q’  has been combined with the other main company logo, shown on the right above, and voila you get EQworks.com new sampled logo (shown below). It’s not rocket science. It’s LOGO THEFT.

The detail:  Look below at the word ‘works’, which is 30% the height of the EQ and just to its right, exactly like our brand on the right above and the near-identical blue and white colours, with the same proportions and spacing.

This isn’t clever or ‘digitally social’ savvy of EQ works.com, is it?  The big joke is it’s meant to be their business.  And yet they’re now advertising to the entire world, every day and forever – for all to see – how they, EQworks.com copied from EQworks.co.uk. Perhaps they thought the internet didn’t reach the UK and they’d get away with it?  Pretty dumb right, and yet this was pretty much what CEO Mr Geoffrey Rotstein said at the time. That’s ignorance at best.

Our message to www.EQworks.com  ‘GET YOUR OWN digital brand and APOLOGISE & MAKE AMENDS NOW.


EQworks.com took this logo from EQworks UK

EQworks com (Canada) STOLEN LOGO